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Risk Management

Insurance & Risk Management Services

Risk management and the purchase of adequate insurance is a necessary part of every individual’s or business’s existence. There are countless products, underwriters and agencies available to choose from, but the difference in results attained and coverage secured can be dramatic.

Navigating through these differences can be overwhelming. Furey Advisors focuses on the specific needs and purpose of the coverage sought and also investigates and makes recommendations on the financial wherewithal of the underwriter providing it. The best coverage at a favorable price is worthless if the underwriter is unable or unwilling to pay your claim.

Should you find yourself in that situation, a thoughtful analysis of safety protocol, adequate coverage, cost and the financial condition of the carrier/underwriter is critical. My experience in dealing with various insurance products and the ability to evaluate the financial condition of the underwriter helps my clients achieve a better result.

Insurance and risk management services offered by Furey Advisors include:

  • Review sufficiency of existing coverage
  • Assistance in developing package for competitive proposals
  • Management and integration into your insurance program, if applicable
  • Review of insurance company audits
  • Claims advocacy for the insured
  • COBRA assistance