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Our Approach

In a day and age mired with regulatory changes and mandates that consistently pop up, businesses need to find a trusted advisor to help them navigate the often choppy waters. My background as a CPA combined with my experience in the business community has allowed me to keep my prior employers and clients compliant with the multitude of rules and regulations facing every business. Whether it is a state or federal tax code, the Americans with Disabilities Act, human resource regulations or local zoning ordinances, businesses need to remain current in their understanding of the impact of these outside requirements on their business.

Although not always logical or intuitive, understanding the motivation behind each regulation is typically the key to demystifying each rule. I spend my time figuring out the ‘why’ behind these rules and regulations so my clients don’t have to. Throughout my career, I have successfully represented clients in dealings with tax assessors, tax collectors and many others at all levels to resolve issues that surface from time to time.